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5.8G digital microwave assisted site crane wireless monitoring

5.8G digital microwave assisted site crane wireless monitoring

5.8G Digital Microwave Assisting Construction Site Tower Crane Wireless Monitoring
In recent years, heavy use of tower cranes in the construction industry has resulted in the frequent occurrence of various tower crane operation safety accidents due to the violations of tower cranes' violations and the collision and collision of tower cranes, causing huge loss of life and property. The experience and lessons of safety accidents show that it is necessary to effectively supervise the process and behavior of tower cranes in order to effectively control the risk factors and hidden dangers in the operation of equipment and prevent and reduce the safety accidents of tower cranes. Considering that the tower crane is constantly rising during the work period, the line is easily damaged and it is not suitable to adopt a wired monitoring method. For the problem of difficult wiring, the use of wireless monitoring can be a very good solution, and the installation is convenient, effective and stable.
With the continuous updating and advancement of technology, network monitoring has become a major development trend. Installing a wireless network video surveillance system on a construction site enables remote network monitoring. Leaders see the monitoring images on the site in the office or at home to facilitate the understanding of site conditions and implementation of management.

live situation:
There are a total of 4 tower cranes on the site. Each tower crane is equipped with a 720P network camera. The distance from the tower crane to the monitoring center ranges from 200 meters to 500 meters. There is no shelter in the middle; the center room uses NVR video.
1, the front-end configuration is a webcam, and the transmission distance is near, the use of 5.8G wireless digital microwave transmission of one-to-many, that is, 4 tower cranes are equipped with a 5.8G wireless digital microwave transmitter, through the POE power supply and network camera Connected; the collected signal is transmitted back to the engine room.
2. Install a 5.8G wireless digital microwave receiving host outside the computer room and receive signals with the omnidirectional antenna.
3. After receiving the 4-way signal, connect the POE power supply to the NVR recorder and the terminal display screen.

System connection configuration diagram