Precautions for installing mobile phone signal amplifier

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Precautions for installing mobile phone signal amplifier

Cell phone signal amplifiers are also known as mobile phone partners. From its name signal amplifier, we know that its function is to amplify the signal. many types of signal amplifiers, such as television signal amplifiers,RadioAmplifiers, allThe equipment used to receive signals is installed insideSignal amplifier.Used exclusivelyAmplify cell phone signalofAmplifierIt's calledMobile phone signal amplifier, it is mainly used to solve the blind spot problem of indoor cellular phone signal.


Using a cell phone signal amplifier,The goal of "small capacity, high coverage" is mainly due to the fact that the use of cell phone signal amplifiers is necessary to ensure network coverage without increasing the number of base stations;Second, its cost is much lowerat the same time.There is a similar effect for microcellular systems. Cell phone signal amplifierYesSolve one of the communication network extension coverage.Excellent solution. Compared with the base station, it has the advantages of simple structure, less investment, convenient installation, etc., and can be used to cover blind spots and weak links in difficult areas, such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, docks, stations, stadiums, subways, tunnels, highways, islands and other places, improve communication quality, solvePoor signal,The problem of wireless communication network optimization.

In the installationCell phone signal amplifierPay attention to the following issues

1,Select the model. The structure of the main handset signal amplifier, signal coverage and the choice of building models. Signal too weakWillIncomplete coverage, signal too strongThere will be causedInterference of outdoor signal.

2,Antenna arrangement. Outdoor directional Yagi antenna, directional antenna can be guided to try cell phone signal amplifierofMobile base station transmission to achieveGoodthe receptioneffect.

3、Mobile phone signal amplifier installation. Usually installed at a distance of more2m, and the position from the installation to the used indoor and outdoor antenna alignment patterns isShorterdistance (the longer the line, the greater the signal attenuation)Make the mobile phone signal amplifier play a good effect.