What is fiber optic repeater?

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What is fiber optic repeater?

When we perform signal coverage in the field, it is difficult to connect the feeder to the equipment due to the terrain or distance, so there will be too much loss. A reasonable solution is to usefiber optic repeaterInstead of a feeder, a radio frequency signal is transmitted to make the connection.

  fiber optic repeaterIt is a repeater that transmits optical signals through optical fibers. It has the characteristics of low transmission loss, convenient wiring, and suitable for long-distance transmission. It can solve the signal coverage inside and outside large and super large buildings. The optical fiber repeater is suitable for large high-rise buildings (groups), communities and other places with high requirements.

  fiber optic repeaterIt is composed of optical fiber, near-end machine and far-end machine. The near-end machine converts the downstream radio frequency signals into optical signals and transmits them to the far-end machine, and then the far-end machine converts the optical signals into radio frequency signals and transmits them to the coverage area. On the contrary, the remote machine of the optical fiber repeater converts the uplink radio frequency signal into an optical signal and transmits it to the near-end machine, and then the near-end machine converts the optical signal into a radio frequency signal and transmits it to the base station. It combines optical fiber transmission and radio frequency coverage to amplify the uplink and downlink signals of the base station, effectively expand the coverage of the base station, provide flexible outdoor coverage solutions, improve voice quality, and improve the coverage effect of mobile communication networks.

Numbersfiber optic repeaterSoftware radio technology, digital filtering technology and digital transmission technology are used to overcome the shortcomings of analog optical fiber transmission limited by distance, and meet the requirements of large dynamic and low noise in long-distance transmission. Fiber optic repeater in the hardware platform unchanged, digitalfiber optic repeaterThe expansion of equipment functions can be realized by upgrading equipment software, which is flexible and convenient to use. Digital optical fiber repeater is far superior to analog optical fiber repeater in frequency selection, anti-interference ability and function expansion.

  fiber optic repeaterThe near-end unit is coupled with the downlink signal of the base station, the radio frequency signal is converted into an intermediate frequency signal through the duplexer and the frequency conversion module, and then the analog intermediate frequency signal is sampled into a digital signal through the high-speed A/D converter of the intermediate frequency board, and the optical fiber direct station realizes the digital down conversion function. The field programmable gate array implements channelization processing according to the requirements of different mobile networks, completes automatic gain control and automatic noise reduction, runs the CPRI protocol, and converts the optical signal to the remote unit through the optical module. The remote unit of the digital optical fiber repeater converts the received optical signal into a digital signal, which is DUC converted by the field programmable gate array through the intermediate frequency board, and then transmitted to the digital-to-analog converter. Digital analog signals are converted into RF signals by the frequency conversion module,fiber optic repeaterAfter being amplified by the power amplifier and low noise amplifier integrated module, it is transmitted by the relay antenna. Similarly, the repeater antenna receives the uplink radio frequency signal from the mobile phone, and after similar amplification in the reverse direction, the enhanced uplink signal is transmitted through the optical fiber to the radio frequency signal recognizable by the base station and transmitted to the base station antenna.



Throughout the process,fiber optic repeaterThere is no mutual influence between the digital signal transmission and the optical transmission, so the digital signal will not attenuate with the attenuation of the optical signal, and the wireless signal path loss between the base station and the repeater is compensated. Therefore, during long-distance high-speed transmission, a high dynamic range can still be maintained, the signal quality of the optical fiber repeater can be ensured, and the spectrum resources and network equipment can be utilized to the maximum extent, which is equivalent to providing a two-way transparent channel between the base station and the mobile phone, thereby expanding the wireless signal.

  fiber optic repeaterProduct Features:

A near-end fiber repeater machine can generally support 4 far-end machines.

Using wavelength division multiplexing technology, long-distance transmission is realized through an optical fiber.

  fiber optic repeaterHigh selectivity and low insertion loss filters are employed to reduce interference between the uplink and downlink.

Detailed repeater parameters and status monitoring, such as RSSI, temperature, output power level, gain, attenuation, return loss, voltage standing wave ratio, etc.

  fiber optic repeaterEquipped with RS-232 port, can be connected to a portable notebook computer for local testing.

The near-end machine can monitor the remote machine.

You can use SMS, GPRS or TCP/IP for remote monitoring.