Emergency Satellite Communication Solution

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Emergency Satellite Communication Solution

Emergency Satellite Communication Solution

Satellite emergency communication is of great significance in ensuring the safety of the country and people's lives and property, and ensuring social stability. When the disaster occurred, all the ground facilities were seriously damaged, the communication facilities were damaged, and the outside world could not be contacted in time. Fast and efficient response to various emergencies is a very important application of satellite emergency communication.


Successful Cases


Application of Hydropower Station in a Province


Project Background

According to the overall network communication plan of the power company, in accordance with the principle of "overall construction, resource sharing, integration of heaven and earth, combination of peace and war, and multiple guarantees", the emergency communication system is mainly constructed with satellite communication system and trunking communication system. Fixed satellite remote stations and trunking communication base stations will be built in the permanent camp, main construction area and power plant area of the company's secondary units, and portable satellite stations and individual soldier systems will be properly configured to meet the on-site voice, data, image, video, positioning and other needs. The emergency communication system needs to be integrated into the future company's emergency command system to achieve a unified emergency command platform for the company.


The portable station and fixed station of Jingxin communication are adopted, the satellite system adopts star topology structure, the central main station is located in the centralized control center of the headquarters, and the remote stations are located in each cascade power station in the basin. After the opening of the data, voice real-time return. The system is managed and monitored by the centralized control center satellite master station.

  • Advanced Satellite Network

The system design and equipment specifications conform to the industry technical specifications and technical development trends, and adapt to the requirements of the development of digital technology.

  • Automatic Portable Antenna System

Quickly open the satellite link to ensure a large-capacity, stable delay service channel.

  • Reliable and practical design planning

Using the design and planning of fixed station and mobile station, the system has high reliable operation ability in various situations, and can meet the needs of actual combat in various technical means and functions. The operation and maintenance are simple, convenient and easy to use.