China Telecom 5G Innovation Cooperation Conference: Ten Vertical Industry Applications Draw Smart City Blueprint

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China Telecom 5G Innovation Cooperation Conference: Ten Vertical Industry Applications Draw Smart City Blueprint

Flying Elephant Network(Kirin/Wen) On April 26, China Telecom held a 5G Innovation Cooperation Conference in Shenzhen. At the event site, China Telecom and its partners jointly demonstrated a wealth of vertical scene applications.

In the future, 5G will become an important infrastructure. If from 1G to 4G, the main solution is the communication between people, then 5G will solve the communication between people and things, things and things.

If 5G connects everything together to form a network, then the form of this network is a city.

For smart cities, China Telecom has already had a clear plan: based on the improvement of city perception, it will connect every cell unit of the city, and conduct in-depth mining and storage of space-time big data; to strengthen the construction of urban safety projects as the key, to gain insight into every small change in the city, to maintain the safety of urban operation and to ensure the safety of people's lives and property; to build a beautiful city as the core, optimize the water source, soil and air of each side of the city to make the city more ecological and livable. With the goal of building a future city, we will promote every intelligent upgrade of the city, and use the "digital twin city" technology to make the real city and the digital virtual city grow together and map to each other, so as to inject wisdom into the government and empower the city in real time.

All kinds of smart applications of China Telecom have spread all over all aspects of city operation and management, and smart cities with great technology and culture are being born. It is understood that the current areas of cooperation between China Telecom cover ten vertical industries, including policing, transportation, ecology, party building, medical care, Internet of Vehicles, media live broadcast, education, tourism, and manufacturing.

5G Smart Policing

By integrating 5G network, intelligent equipment, AI, cloud computing, three-dimensional big data visualization and other technologies, China Telecom has realized the application of UAV high-altitude patrol, motorcycle patrol along the road and cloud linkage command, and can provide comprehensive intelligent policing solutions.

Among them, Shenzhen police three-dimensional patrol is a typical example, the use of 5G Tianyi cloud dedicated line police cloud application integration of innovative leading technology, novel, professional real police equipment, further enhance the Shenzhen "smart police" application, for the public security to improve the level of community public safety supervision.

5G Intelligent Transportation

In terms of intelligent transportation, based on the characteristics of 5G high bandwidth and low latency, China Telecom can support high-definition video backhaul, 4K video remote interaction, remote mobile air traffic command, cloud network integration and other scenarios to solve many existing traffic problems.

For example, Chengdu Stereo Traffic Management uses 5G (helicopter high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle) ultra-high definition video fusion innovation leading technology to provide effective fusion traffic solutions, which can effectively solve many traffic problems. In addition, China Telecom has also helped Chengdu Smart Bus to realize high interactive demonstrations such as 1700km, mobile scenes and high definition videos through cloud network integration, 5G Sichuan Magic Mirror Cloud Platform video cloud integration innovation and other leading technologies, it is the country's first 5G boutique loop.

5G Smart Ecology

For many ecological governance services that require large bandwidth and low delay, 5G network provides them with intelligent control platform and high-definition panoramic real-time return video, which can realize three-dimensional monitoring, intelligent analysis and full linkage governance to improve the governance level.

At present, the most typical case is the wisdom of Xiongan Baiyangdian waters.China Telecom uses advanced equipment such as 5G unmanned ship drones to collect water quality leading technology, and presents comprehensive information such as video, data, and maps through a super visual effect platform. Through visual monitoring of water resources, it is convenient for government authorities to manage the water environment in real time.

5G wisdom party building

The use of 5G technology to provide VR teaching and high-definition video for the party building classroom, so that the viewer experience is better, the teaching is richer and more interesting, and the teaching effect is greatly improved.

At present, China Telecom has jointly realized 5G cloud VR party building teaching in Shanghai Pugan College. The use of 5G cloud VR to help education innovation, VR video is stored in the cloud, there is no need to deploy servers and other advanced technologies locally, through information means to enrich the party building teaching methods, 5G technology is applied to VR demonstration, so that the equipment is wireless, the user experience is better, thus improving the teaching effect.

5G Smart Healthcare

5G technology is applied to medical treatment, which can support live teaching, guidance and remote auxiliary medical operation planning projects for remote surgery. It can effectively enhance interactivity and on-site experience. Through 5G HD video real-time interaction and 5G cloud AR 3D medical modeling and other technologies, the remote diagnosis and treatment, accurate poverty alleviation and first aid capabilities of the medical association can be greatly improved.

In this regard, China Telecom has also had a large number of successful cases. China Telecom, in collaboration with the Second People's Hospital of Guangdong Province, completed the live broadcast of 5G surgery, applying the leading technology of 5G HD video real-time interaction to the live broadcast of real surgery, creating a novel and professional teaching method in innovative professional fields. China Telecom has also participated in augmented reality-assisted medical surgery planning, applying leading technologies such as 5G cloud AR3D medical modeling to simulate the three major scenarios of medical surgery, surgery and surgery, and closely combining with industry applications to achieve strong interaction and better on-site experience. The site provides AR, tablet, 3D images, remote collaboration and other display/experience. In addition, China Telecom helped Anhui Provincial Hospital to realize remote rescue, applying leading technologies such as 5G mobile high-definition video real-time interaction to remote video connection between the venue and the ambulance, and building a mobile ICU through the ambulance transformed by 5G technology.

5G car networking

The high speed and low latency of 5G network make driverless possible. 5G network supports real-time return of high-definition video, making driverless more reliable. Moreover, 5G full service capability can provide high-precision positioning services for multiple industries, helping to establish intelligent communication systems between people, cars, cars and road test facilities, and cars and networks.

In terms of vehicle networking, China Telecom has achieved the leading technology of centimeter-level positioning through 5G domestic independent chips, and realized the core key technology of vehicle networking-high-precision positioning. In addition, China Telecom uses the leading technology of 5G driverless, through 5G can clearly watch the actual operation of self-driving from multiple angles, and show the self-driving public transportation on the real open road on the spot.

5G Live Media

Through the 5G network, it supports high-definition live broadcast of TV programs, VR immersive experience online events, and 4K high-definition live broadcast of new media, bringing a new visual perception to the live broadcast industry. At present, China Telecom has participated in CCTV's high-definition live broadcast (CCTV Spring Festival Gala, NPC and CPPCC live broadcast, flying over Dawan District), Evergrande Smart Stadium-VR live broadcast and Tiger Tooth live broadcast, bringing immersive experience to the audience.

5G Smart Education

Using the high capacity and low latency of 5G networks, it can support educational business experiences such as remote classrooms, teaching analysis, and VR teaching interactions. China Telecom supports business scenarios such as remote classroom, auxiliary teaching analysis and VR interactive teaching through "5G Tianyi Cloud" and artificial intelligence technology, so that high-quality educational resources can be reached.

At present, China Telecom has assisted in distance education in the future. Through 5G artificial intelligence, the brain science laboratory has applied the leading technology that can evaluate the teaching effect in real time according to students' expressions and behaviors to VR interactive teaching to create 5G future addiction experience. In addition, China Telecom also participated in the AR/VR training of Zhejiang Highway Technician College, closely combining 5G-based VR cloud rendering and multi-terminal VR collaborative training technology with the industry.

5G Smart Tourism

Through the 5G network, the landscape video taken by unmanned aerial vehicles can be transmitted back in real time. Users can obtain immersive experience by wearing VR helmets and can assist scenic spots to strengthen inspection.

China Telecom uses 5G technology to assist Huangshan Scenic Area to provide tourists with online travel services such as high-definition aerial photography by unmanned aerial vehicles and VR remote real-time viewing, so that tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Huangshan without leaving home.

5G Smart Life

In the field of industrial manufacturing, China Telecom uses the high bandwidth characteristics of 5G network to realize high-definition video transmission and assist remote expert guidance. And the low latency characteristics of 5G network are innovatively applied to the precise control of remote robots to achieve human-machine coordination so that the robotic arm can complete rapid response in special scenes.

China Telecom's 5G industrial vision empowers Red Lion cement production and manufacturing, using 5G HD cameras to monitor cement production links in real time, handling production failures in time, and greatly improving the production efficiency of the factory.

If the emergence of smart cities will satisfy people's yearning for utopia to some extent, then it is obvious that China Telecom is the promoter of human yearning and the enabler of smart cities.

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