Introduction and role of repeater base station

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Introduction and role of repeater base station

   repeater base stationIt is a wireless signal relay product. The main indicators to measure the quality of the repeater are: intelligent degree (such as remote monitoring, etc.), low IP3, low noise figure (NF), complete machine reliability, good technical service, etc.


   The use of repeaters as one of the necessary means to achieve the goal of "small capacity, large coverage" is mainly because the use of repeaters can ensure network coverage without increasing the number of repeater base stations, and its cost is much lower than the same effect of micro-cell system. Repeater is a better solution for extending coverage capability of communication network. withrepeater base stationIt has the advantages of simple structure, low investment and convenient installation. It can be widely used in blind areas and weak areas that are difficult to cover, such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, docks, stations, stadiums, entertainment halls, subways, tunnels, highways, islands and other places to improve communication quality and solve the problem of dropped lines.

   According to the Research Data Research Center, the current demand for repeater base stations by domestic mobile network operators is still on the rise, mainly due to the gradual deepening of competition among operators, the increasing demand for high-quality wireless coverage from customers, and the pressure on operators to increase cost-effectiveness and return on investment and business revenue, which has forced operators to invest heavily in wireless coverage solutions in the past few years, to improve their network and service quality, thereby increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

   The repeater base station is a kind of repeater and is a connection device of the physical layer of the network. It applies to the interconnection of two types of identical networks. Its main function is to extend the distance of network transmission by retransmitting or forwarding data signals. A repeater is a physical layer device in the OSI model of network equipment, which is responsible for signal regeneration and recovery. Repeaters are simple, inexpensive interconnect devices used to extend network distances in a LAN environment. The repeater base station works in the physical layer of OSI and has the function of amplifying and regenerating the signal on the line. Extend LAN segment length. Connect only the same LAN segment.

   An RP repeater is a device that connects network lines. It is typically used for bidirectional forwarding of physical signals between two network nodes. The repeater base station is a simple network interconnection device, which mainly realizes the function of the physical layer. Responsible for transmitting information bit by bit on the physical layer of the two nodes, completing the signal replication, adjustment and amplification functions to extend the length of the network. Due to losses, the power of the signal transmitted on the line will gradually decay. When the attenuation reaches a certain level, it will cause signal distortion, resulting in receiving errors.

Commonly usedrepeater base stationIncluding mobile phone signal repeater, mobile phone signal amplifier, etc. Taking BEE communication mobile phone signal amplifier as an example, it refers to a radio transmission equipment that plays a role in signal enhancement in the process of wireless communication transmission. Its basic function is radio frequency signal power enhancer. In the downlink, the signal is received from the existing coverage area of the donor antenna. The signal outside the band pass is isolated by the band pass filter, and the filtered signal is amplified by the power amplifier and then transmitted to the area to be covered. In the uplink path, the signal of the mobile station in the coverage area is transmitted to the corresponding base station in the same manner after uplink amplification processing, thereby realizing signal transmission between the base station and the mobile phone.