Underground garage signal coverage scheme

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Underground garage signal coverage scheme

In a newly-built residential area in Huizhou, the infrastructure and greening have been basically completed, and the owners have moved in one after another. However, the response of the underground garage mobile phone signal is very poor, or basically no signal, can not complete the call and the Internet, to the lives of residents to bring great inconvenience. Therefore, the developer contacted my company for complete coverage of the cell phone signal.

1. construction environment

There are a total of 12 properties in the community, six in the north and six in each row. The total area of the underground garage is 30000 square meters, and each garage covers an area of about 2500 square meters. The ground signal is good, the base station is 800 meters away, and there is no large building shelter from the community.

2. communication requirements

The owner hopes to make normal calls and Internet access in the garage, and the three networks of mobile, Unicom and telecom can be used.

3. communication equipment

According to the owner's communication requirements and coverage area, we chose a 40w high-power optical fiber repeater, a near-end machine with 6 far-end machine signal enhancement equipment.

Each remote unit of this equipment covers 7000 to 10000 square meters. Considering the signal attenuation, we decided to use one remote unit for every two garages. 30 ceiling antennas are laid at each distal end. So it's more than enough to cover 12 garages with a drag of six devices.

4. Equipment List

5. signal coverage diagram