The role of wireless repeater

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The role of wireless repeater

The role of wireless repeater


A wireless repeater is a type of repeater and is a connection located above the physical layer. It applies to two identical interconnections. Its main function is to extend the distance by retransmitting or forwarding data. The relay station isThe physical layer with regeneration and recovery functions in OSI. A repeater is a simple, inexpensive interconnect used to extend distances in a local area network environment. It works in the OSI physical layer, has an amplifier function, and can be regenerated on the line. Used to extend the length of a LAN segment. Used only to connect to the same LAN segment.


An RP Repeater is a type of connecting line that is used to forward physical bi-directionally between two nodes. The repeater is a simple interconnection, which mainly completes the function of the physical layer. It is responsible for the physical layer of the two nodes by bit information, complete the copy, adjustment and amplification functions, thereby extending the length. Due to losses, the power on the line gradually decays. When the attenuation reaches a certain level, distortion occurs, resulting in reception errors. Wireless repeater is designed to solve this problem. Complete the physical circuit connection, amplify the attenuation, and keep it consistent with the original data. Commonly used wireless repeater stations include mobile phone wireless repeater stations, mobile phone amplifiers, etc. Taking the mobile phone amplifier as an example, it refers to a wireless that plays an enhanced role in the wireless communication process. Its basic function is the RF power booster. In the downlink, reception is from the existing coverage of the donor antenna. The band-pass filter is used to isolate the outside of the band-pass, and the filtered one is amplified by the power amplifier and goes to the one to be covered. In the uplink path, after the mobile phone in the coverage is processed by the uplink amplification link, it is corresponding in the same way, so as to realize the communication with the mobile phone.


In general, both ends of a wireless repeater are connected to the same media, but some wireless repeater can be different media. In theory, the use of wireless repeater is unlimited, so it can be expanded indefinitely. In fact, this is impossible, because the delay range specified by the standard, the wireless repeater can only work effectively within this range, otherwise it will cause failure.




According to the characteristics of the repeater series products and the needs of mobile communications, different geographical environments and applications, different system solutions need to be carefully analyzed and treated differently. Isolation is very important for wireless repeater. The wireless repeater receives as pure as possible from space. But in the dense, will greatly increase the difficulty of different or sector separation, easy to make the repeater to increase the interference. Therefore, it is suggested that the introduction of cable should be adopted as much as possible in densely populated areas, such as optical fiber repeater. Where there is no optical fiber wireless repeater, only wireless repeater can be used, but the donor antenna should have sufficient directional selectivity.