What is a wireless repeater

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What is a wireless repeater

What is a wireless repeater


Everyone should no longer be unfamiliar with transponders. Today we will learn the content of transponders. This article mainly describes the definition of transponders, the role of transponders, the types and types of transponders, and the application content of transponders.


Definition of Wireless repeater


relay station(Repeater station) belongs to the same frequency amplification device, which refers to a wireless transmission device that enhances the signal during wireless communication. The basic function of the wireless repeater is the RF signal power booster. In the downlink, the repeater station receives the signal from the existing coverage area of the donor antenna, and the signal outside the band-pass filter is well isolated. The filtered signal is amplified by the power amplifier and then transmitted to the area to be covered. In the uplink path, the mobile phone signal in the coverage area is transmitted to the corresponding base station in the same manner after being processed by the uplink amplification link, so as to realize the signal transmission between the base station and the mobile phone. A relay station is a relay product. The main indicators to measure the quality of the relay station are: intelligent degree (such as remote monitoring, etc.), low IP3 (non-debugging provisions less than-36dbm), low noise factor (NF), overall reliability, good technical service, etc. As one of the necessary means to achieve the goal of "small capacity and large coverage", the main reason is that the use of repeaters is to ensure network coverage without increasing the number of base stations, and its cost is much lower than that of microcellular systems with the same effect. A relay station is a solution for extending the coverage capability of a communication network. Compared with the base station, it has the advantages of simple structure, low investment and convenient installation.


Advantages, it can be widely used in blind areas and weak areas that are difficult to cover, such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, docks, stations, stadiums, entertainment halls, subways, tunnels, highways, islands and other places to improve communication quality and solve the problem of dropped calls. It allows us to get a good experience on the signal.


A wireless repeater is a type of wireless repeater, which is a connection device located above the physical layer of the network. It applies to the interconnection of two networks that are identical. Its main function is to extend the network transmission distance by retransmitting or forwarding data signals. The relay station isPhysical layer equipment with signal regeneration and recovery functions in OSI network equipment. A repeater is a simple, inexpensive interconnection device used to extend network distances in a local area network environment. It works on the OSI physical layer and has an amplifier function to regenerate the signal on the line. Used to extend the length of a LAN segment. Used only to connect to the same LAN segment.