What are the functions of the mobile phone signal amplifier? What should I pay attention?

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What are the functions of the mobile phone signal amplifier? What should I pay attention?

What are the functions of the mobile phone signal amplifier? What should I pay attention?


function of mobile phone signal amplifier:

1. Signal channel

2G and 3G have two channels, a data channel and a voice channel. Therefore, both 2G and 3G can make phone calls online, while 4G can only access the Internet because there is only one data channel-mobile phone signal enhancement.

2. Extended indicator

Network operators serve users by transmitting wireless signals through base stations. The range of base stations is limited, so there may be multiple base stations in an area. All base stations are combined into a network system. Each base station has its own coverage area. Beyond this range, it is necessary to replace the mobile phone, so as to keep the mobile phone in the network all the time-the mobile phone signal is enhanced.

3. You can also access the Internet by telephone.

In the early days of mobile phone signal amplifier -4G, in order to meet the requirements of mobile phones that can make calls when using 4G networks, a solution called CSFB was developed. This solution is that when the mobile phone uses the 4G network to make or receive calls, the network will automatically fall back from the 4G network to the 2G or 3G network, and then start making and receiving calls. However, this technology has a disadvantage, that is, it cannot access the Internet when making a phone call.

choose mobile phone signal amplifier need to pay attention to what?

1. analyze the reasons.

1. Blind area: As the name implies, it is the place where the signal base station cannot spread. It may be blocked or it may be too far away.

2. Weak area: It is mainly lower than the receiving sensitivity of the mobile phone after the signal is lost, resulting in poor mobile phone signal.

3. Conflict zone: The wireless signals in the high-rise building area mainly come from multiple communities, and most of them are unstable reflection signals from the ground and walls, which cause frequent switching of base stations and seriously affect indoor mobile phone signals.

4. Busy area: This is different from the blind area. It is mainly a place with high call demand. The electromagnetic wave of the base station is difficult to meet the needs of mobile phones, and mobile phone users cannot access the network.

2. how to choose mobile phone signal amplifier?

1. If you don't have a large range, don't choose a power over 500mW. However, when buying, first look at the installation conditions of your place. For example, if you live in a residential area and the residential area does not allow you to install an antenna on the roof, then you can only install an antenna outside the window. You also need to check the location of nearby base stations and use your phone to test the signal strength outside the window. If it is not possible to install the antenna on the roof, it is also required to install it outside the window. The ideal effect is to install the receiving antenna on the roof, but remember that the distance between the outdoor antenna and the external antenna should not be too close, and the reinforced concrete layer should cover about 7.

2. First of all, the amplifier with automatic level control circuit should be easy to use. This circuit can ensure that the output signal of the amplifier is not distorted, and the output is stable within a fixed range, which will not interfere with the base station or produce false signals.

3. The duplexer index of the internal input and output ports of the amplifier must be better, and the new one is better. In this way, the isolation of the transmitting and receiving signals can be guaranteed, and the amplified signals will be real and the call quality will be good.