Talent Recruitment


Talent Recruitment

1. Company Profile

Century Hengrui was established in 2009. It is a professional manufacturer of mobile communication equipment integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It is committed to providing customers with overall solutions for wireless optimization, transmission and access.

The company has four product lines: wireless optimization, wireless access, antenna and subsystem, and wireless transmission. It has mastered the core key technologies in each product field and has many independent intellectual property rights.

Looking to the future, Century Hengrui will continue to focus on innovation and development in the field of wireless communications, and strive to become a global leader in wireless optimization, transmission and access, and contribute ideal value to customers.


2. HR Policy

Since its establishment, the company has pursued the employment concept of "people-oriented" and "capable people are the first, and talents emerge in large numbers", relying on corporate culture to actively create a harmonious and humanized management environment, and provide all employees with good development space, rich value returns and fair Employment opportunities. Jingxin regards employees as the most precious wealth of the enterprise, regards talents as the foundation of the enterprise, attracts people with competitive salary and benefits, retains people with career, and gathers people with feelings, so as to create a good environment for cultivating, selecting, using, retaining and attracting talents.

Career Development:Provide employees with a sound career development system and a stage without a ceiling;

Staff training:Supporting staff career development comprehensive personnel training plan;

Social Security:Purchase endowment insurance, maternity insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance and housing provident fund for you;

Living benefits:Line throughout the Guangzhou commuting bus, beautiful dining environment, apartment-style accommodation environment;

Working time:Working 7.5 hours a day, 5 days a week;

Paid leave:Provide statutory holidays stipulated by the State Council, longer holidays during the Spring Festival;

Employee activities:Large-scale collective activities are held regularly every year, such as sports meeting, team development, youth networking, large-scale performances, etc. All employees can enjoy the annual tourism activities organized by the company.

Employee health care:Arrange annual staff physical examination and mental health care.

3. 2020 Campus Recruitment Positions

Serial Number Professional line Position Professional needs
1 Software Class Software Engineer Communication, electronics, computer, software, applied mathematics, automation, signal and signal processing
2 Embedded Engineer
3 Algorithm Engineer
4 Communication Protocol Software Engineer
5 FPGA Engineer
6 DSP Engineer
7 Hardware Class Hardware Engineer Communication, electronics, computer, mechanical design and automation, applied physics and other professional
8 Power Engineer
9 RF Class RF Engineer Communications, electronics, electromagnetic fields and microwave, radio physics and other professional
10 Antenna Engineer
11 Electrical Engineer
12 Structure Class Structural/Process Engineer Communication, mechanical design and automation, industrial design, etc.
13 Test Class Test Engineer Communication, electronics, computer, software, automated testing and other professional
14 Pilot Engineer
15 ATS Engineer
16 Project Quality Class Quality Engineer Communication professional background, interested in R & D quality, project management
17 Project Management Engineer
18 Market Class Technical Support Engineer Communication engineering, computer and other related majors
19 Management Trainee Management Trainee Management related major, master degree
20 Financial category Accounting, Auditing Finance, accounting, auditing and other related majors
21 Personnel Recruitment, training, performance, employee relations Human resources, business administration, business management, law and other related majors
22 Business Class Business Clerk Chinese, Business English, Law and other related majors


The above positions are located in Shenzhen; unless otherwise specified, the academic requirements are bachelor degree or above.

4. recruitment itinerary

Please pay attention to the recruitment and employment network of major universities or the official website of Jingxin Communication for specific recruitment time and place.www.henrui.com.cn

5. Contact Information

Company address: 811 East, Building 4, Huaqiang North Sage Science Park, Huaqiang North Street, Futian District, Shenzhen
Zip Code: 5180001
Resume Delivery Mailbox:41714493@qq.comPlease send it in the form of attachment: name, school education, position!
(Delivery can begin now!)

Century Hengrui, look forward to your joining!